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Becca & Bruce Miller

Local Hikers

Bruce and Becca Miller have lived in several different states but soon realized “there is nothing quite like the East Coast”. Settling down right up the road in Davidson, they are frequent visitors of Birkdale Village. In fact, you can spot them getting their walk in throughout the Village almost every day. Here is their story. 

Becca and Bruce are originally from Richmond, Virginia where they lived for about 30 years. After they retired, they decided to take a chance and were drawn across the country to California. “It was life changing; it was eye opening. We had no idea there would be such a difference from the way they live on the West Coast and the way we live on the East Coast.”

While they enjoyed their adventures in the West, they decided to head back to the East Coast and settle down. While they were waiting to contract a house in China Grove, they stayed in Huntersville where they just happened to stumble across Birkdale Village during their stay. “Immediately after we found Birkdale, we thought about how we would like to live closer to it.” Bruce and Becca ended up moving to Davidson, a small town just north of Birkdale Village. “We just keep getting drawn back here to Birkdale. We love Davidson, but we always find ourselves here in the Village.”

What Becca finds the most unique about Birkdale Village is the “melting pot community”. She enjoys the many different perspectives and demographics that can be found throughout the community. Bruce likes that the property is open air and has many options. “We can come and get our hike in for the day and then we can come grab Starbucks or a healthy meal or we can do our shopping and pet dogs! It really has it all.”

Their favorite memory in Birkdale Village is July 4th because they get “to see people coming together to celebrate who we are”. They especially make a point of being in town for this holiday so they don’t miss out on all of the exciting activities! 

Their piece of advice for anyone that comes across their story is “Come out here, find a seat, sit back and watch. You won’t regret it.”

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