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Dr. Michael Wing

Dr. Michael Wing

Dentist at Birkdale Dental

Dr. Michael Wing’s life journey has been about chasing his dreams through hard work and striving for what he believes in. Lucky for us, his journey has led him to Birkdale Village, where he provides extensive dental care to the Huntersville community. Here is his story.

Dr. Wing is the local neighborhood dentist of Birkdale Village. His practice, Birkdale Dental, is located right above Red Rocks Cafe. They are a friendly, high-tech, full-service practice that provides all faces of dentistry. His dental journey began in California at Loma Linda University. From there, it took him to a small community in the mountains of Colorado where he was in private practice. Looking for a warmer adventure, he researched all the lakes in the South and stumbled upon Lake Norman. “What I really liked about Lake Norman was Birkdale Village. In fact, eeZ Fusion and Sushi was one of the first restaurants I ate at when I first came looking for a home to purchase.” He and his family quickly realized this was the new adventure for them.

In 2009, after his move to North Carolina, Dr. Wing was walking the halls of the office building in Birkdale Village thinking, “this would be a great place to have a practice because of all the amenities here.” Never taking his eyes off the prize, Dr. Wing finally opened his practice, Birkdale Dental in 2015. Now the Village has become his place of work as well as his second home. “I have friends in all of these restaurants like Red Rocks, Kung Foo Noodle, eeZ Fusion and Sushi, and Starbucks.”

Much like many others that often find themselves in Birkdale Village, he enjoys hanging outside of Starbucks to unwind after his workday. He also loves just walking throughout the Parkway. “Birkdale is like a little village in a big city. It has that warm comfortable feel that I love, and you can feel it as you walk around.” His favorite memory here is The Lighting of Birkdale Village. “It’s fun to share that holiday experience with your friends and family.” You’ve probably even seen him and his family chugging along in the festive train during the holiday parade.

Not only do his patients enjoy the care that they receive from Dr. Wing and Birkdale Dental, but they also enjoy the convenience of having their dentist office located in Birkdale Village. “When families come, we’ll take care of the primary patient, and the rest of the family can wander through Birkdale. They can grab a cup of coffee or do a little shopping. It’s not out of the way for most of our patients to see us because they are typically needing to come to Birkdale for other things too.”

His one piece of advice for anyone that comes across his story is to “work hard and keep following your dreams. Things don’t always happen instantly. I think people should follow the journey, set long-term goals, and work hard to reach those goals. You also need to make sure you enjoy life along the way.”

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