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Gabby Sillyman

Gabby Sillyman

Owner of Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop

“My sister and I have a really close family. We’re not investors, we’re not bigwigs. I was a teacher and she is a nurse practitioner. But we had this dream and we thought that Huntersville and Birkdale Village were the best places for it so we asked ourselves what are we going to do to make it happen?” Read about Gabby Sillyman, the owner of Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop in Birkdale Village. 

Gabby and her sister fell in love with Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop a few years ago and made it a mission to save up enough to open up their own location. “From the moment we decided to open a Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop location, we always felt like Birkdale Village was the perfect place to have it so we are very happy to be a part of this community”. From a business standpoint, Gabby loves how people in this community show up to support their local businesses. From a personal standpoint, her favorite thing about Birkdale Village is how “even though there is so much to do here and new concepts are always being brought in, there is still a small town feel and the people here are so nice, from the people that shop here to the people that work here”.

Her ideal day in Birkdale Village is spending time with her family here during the holidays while they get a bite to eat or do some window shopping. Gabby explained how holidays hold cherished memories for her and many others throughout the Village, “I think people relate so many of their memories to Birkdale Village because of all the activities to do here during that time". 

Looking towards the future, Gabby believes growth and more opportunity is on the horizon for Birkdale Village, yet “it will still always have that small town feel”. Most importantly, as she reflected on her past, she noted that her story is about perseverance. With the many obstacles her and her sister had to overcome (one being a worldwide pandemic) to start their business, they had to learn not to take “no” for an answer. Therefore, her best piece of advice to anyone that comes across her story is “If you are passionate enough about something and willing to work just as hard to make it happen, then it will happen. Anyone that has worked hard for something in their life will tell you it doesn’t come easy and if it does come easy, it almost doesn’t feel worth it, you don’t appreciate it as much”.

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