Margi Kyle

Margi Kyle

Haven at Birkdale Village Resident

While Birkdale Village is known for shopping and dining, it is also home for many people. Originally from Connecticut, Margi Kyle has found herself living in the heart of Birkdale Village. She is what helps keep the spirit alive for many people here in Birkdale. In fact, there is often a friendly gathering on her balcony every Friday night. Here is her story.

From the very early stages of her life, Margi had an eye for design. She originally attended school for Fashion Design and then realized Interior Design was what she had a knack for. Switching to interior design has taken her on some incredible adventures from teaching in various states and countries to even having her own national television shows. 

Eventually she and her husband looked around one day and realized they wanted to be a little bit closer to her parents who were living in Hilton Head. They researched the Charlotte area and “once we stumbled upon Lake Norman, we knew this was the area we wanted to be in. We’ve been here for 25 years now. Once Birkdale Village was built, it immediately felt like home.” Margi really enjoys how family oriented and safe this area feels. She also likes how “you have everything you need right here, you really don’t have to go anywhere else”.

“It’s about the little moments in Birkdale Village for me. On Father’s Day, I sit outside and watch the dads run around and play with their kids for hours. It is such a treat to watch people form memories here. One of my favorite things in the world is Friday night in Birkdale Village. All of our neighbors know to head to our balcony on Friday nights. Everyone brings a little something to nibble on and it’s a great thing to look forward to each week.”

Margi is still heavily involved in the design and creative field, as well as operating her own non-profit. What keeps her motivated is “just the energy I get from being and living here. It’s amazing. When you do what you love and live where you love, it brings everything together.”

Her one piece of advice for anyone that comes across her story is to “follow your dream and listen to your heart. Your heart knows who you truly are. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.”

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