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Richard Zande

Mr. Richard

Haven at Birkdale Village Resident

While Birkdale Village is known for shopping and dining, it is also home for many people. After living on Lake Norman for nearly 20 years, Mr. Richard chose to settle into the Village as a resident. In fact, you can spot him enjoying the Grove every Saturday morning with a cup of coffee and some good friends. Here is his story.

Mr. Richard owned his own civil engineering company in Columbus, Ohio for 30 years before he retired almost 20 years ago. He ventured down to the Carolinas after his son built him and his wife a house on Lake Norman. Mr. Richard loved waking up and looking out onto the water but as time moved on, he desired a new place to call home. Wanting to stay in the same area, he came across Birkdale Village, which he has now called home for 4 years.

“Birkdale Village is the best thing about Huntersville, it really is. It allows me to get out, see a lot of people and be with a lot of people. Living on the lake, in your own home, you don’t really get out much. So this is really nice for me and it’s been great because I’ve met so many people here that I wouldn’t have gotten to meet otherwise.”

Mr. Richard is known throughout the Village as a Starbucks regular and for his walking adventures. “I like to walk, this has just become my territory. Pretty much everything that I need is here.” He also enjoys having his friends that live outside of Birkdale Village, come grab lunch or dinner with him so he can show them around. 

For anyone that comes across his story, his advice is simple- “Just get outside more. That’s what life is about.”

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