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16815 Cranlyn Rd, Space C, Huntersville, NC 28078

Monday – Thursday
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Beem started out as a venture for healing from Lyme’s disease. In 2016, Cynthia’s and Hugo's eldest daughter, Mya was diagnosed with Lyme disease leading to numerous doctor’s appointments and countless medications. However, what began as research-led Cynthia to discover the health and healing properties of infrared saunas.

Access to the highest quality, health-promoting saunas is often cost-prohibitive, however with her entrepreneurial outlook, Cynthia saw infrared saunas as not only an opportunity to help her daughter but also an opportunity to help others. With the support of her husband, Hugo, her passion soon became a reality.

Cynthia’s desire to help others with joy and creativity runs throughout her professional and personal life. She developed a concept that would allow clients to take time for themselves in a clean, simple, and relaxing environment while partaking in incredible health benefits. In 2020, she opened the first location of Beem in Birkdale Village, creating the first exclusive Infrared Sauna Studio in the Charlotte area!